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Who are you?

A short end script I never ended up using. Sharing this though feels right.



The question “who are you?” is too often answered by a statement of employment.

I’m a gold miner, youtuber, carer, nurse, soldier, teacher, bricky or night shifter.
But that’s your job, not who you are.
So why do you think that we have such a prevalence of depression and anxiety in this society of ours? Could, perhaps, part of the reason be that we don’t know how to satisfactorily answer this question?
When I lost my business as an archery coach because of a downward spiral of PTSD anxiety and depression I was no longer an archer. I WAS NOTHING.
It’s dangerous to be nothing, no purpose, no community to fit into. You are no longer anything and if you’re no longer anything then you must be nothing.
But we both know fundamentally that logic is flawed, because you are NOT your job.

So, I ask again, who are you?

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Nice post Chris. I like how you start conversations about stuff that is not always talked about. I will respond after I have classified my thoughts a little more 🙂

Who am I?

A product of my life experiences but I am not defined by them.

Somebody who has a spiritual belief.

What I expose myself to, think, believe and do.

What I want for myself and others.

Sorry for injustice.


Vulnerable to life stressors.

Hopeful for change in myself and being able to support others to do the same.

Not as kind to myself as I should be.

Not as smart as I think I am.

Supportive and encouraging.

Grateful for small mercies.

A shoulder to lean on.

Overdue for a pan in a quiet creek.

Who are you?

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