About Us

G’day, my name is Chris and with my big boxer boy Grizzly we are tackling a time-honoured tradition of gold prospecting right here in North East Victoria, Australia.

My path to gold prospecting started in the hell fires of Black Saturday, Australia’s largest and most destructive fire on record. It took many years to get my diagnosis of PTSD, in those years I lost many things, including my passion for the Aussie Bush.

But as luck would have it a friend took it upon himself to introduce me to gold panning, sluicing and detecting. This kind act reignited my passion and overrode my fear of the bush, starting a journey out of hell and into a very bright, shiny future.

Since then I have worked closely with seasoned gold miners, prospectors, geologists and other YouTubers to expand my understanding of the elusive metal. The understanding and experience I have gained from these experienced prospectors, including the lessons and experiments I have done myself, are proudly shared with you all via my YouTube channel Vo-Gus Prospecting.

The opportunity’s that my channel has created to reach so many people across the globe has been used to share my story of struggle with mental illness, but more importantly my recovery. My aim has been to bring hope and opportunity to those who may need it in the same way my friend brought it to me through gold mining.

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